When installing a satellite dish, we face the problem of connect the receiver to the TV, I hope this article will help you figure it out.

On today’s time, there are many options for switching satellite receiver (receiver) with a TV, consider the main ones.
1: Connecting through the modulator via a coaxial cable. This method is most often used for parallel connection of a second TV for an identical channel, for example in the kitchen. This is a budget option but in some cases it is acceptable.

coaxial Cable
After 2 Scart (comb). This is a perfectly acceptable way to connect, the main feature is the SCART large number of contacts, so to get the picture quality on your screen, you need to provide a high-quality connection cable with connector on the TV.

Scarth, comb
3 After the composite cable. Composite cable is most often used to connect a standard receiver (Orton, EuroSky) which is included in the package standard. This method is acceptable, but it does have some disadvantages, the main of which is the union of the three video signals into a single and video compression. But if you do not own a plasma HD TV, the quality of the digital image in you are fully satisfied.

composite cable
4 After a component cable. It is visually similar to the composite cable, differing in the number of tulips, and on the principle of switching is more like a scart, to use this method of connection and a TV and a satellite receiver must be equipped with the appropriate connectors. This connection option is perfect for LCD, LCD TV.

component Cable
5 via HDMI. If you own a HD TV, thoroughly recommend you a HD receiver. And switching via HDMI cable for stunning picture quality, the effect of presence. As if you did not see the film, and are a direct participant.