Спутниковый ресивер

This tuner firmware installation software to the receiver. Sew the receiver can connect it via a null modem cable to the computer, similar to the second receiver or a flash drive. Stitch receiver to add new channels and encodings (keys) contained in the emulator, as well as for a more pleasant interface.

For the same model tuner may be several variants firmware depending on which channels are encoded, we want to access satellites. For example, encoding BISS “no secret” coded Ukrainian TV channels Inter, Inter + Pershiy, TET TV Kyiv. Over time, satellite TV channels there are changes that can be accounted for by changing the version of the firmware. It’s also possible, without changing the firmware to edit the list of channels in the tuner to register and enter the new keys.

If you decide to make yourself a firmware strongly recommended that you first read the operating instructions tuner section “Software Update.” You can also use our help.