Спутниковая антенна

Satellite dishes is designed to receive electromagnetic waves emitted from the satellite. As the reflecting surface is mainly used metal mirrors, to ensure substantially complete reflection of the rays incident on them. This circumstance is decisive in choosing the material for the manufacture of satellite antenna. Another important factor is the requirement for mechanical strength and flexibility of the satellite antenna that allows long time to keep the manufacture of a given shape of a paraboloid. Therefore, the main material for the satellite antennas is steel.

Satellite dishes are available, mostly offset and compares favorably to the Prime Focus shift the optical axis. This allows not “bullying” antenna in the sky, and set it almost perpendicular to the ground, without collecting plate in precipitation in the form of rain and snow.

Types of satellite dishes

In Kyiv shops presented offset satellite antennas from different manufacturers.

Satellite antenna steel “Kharkiv” different diameters: 0.6 m; 0,85 m; 0,95 m; 1.2 m

Satellite antennas “TRIAX Digital Serie”: 0,64 m; 0.78 m; 0,88 m; 1.1 m, galvanized steel.

Satellite antennas “Strong”: 0,6 m; 0.75 m; 0.89 m, steel and aluminum.

Satellite antennas “MABO” {} Poland: 0,85 m; 1,05 m; 1.10 m; 1.25 m; 1,85 m

Satellite antennas “Telesistems” {Italy}: 0.6 m; 0.8 m; 1.0 m

Currently Kharkov satellite antenna lead in their application for a joint reception for multiple satellites. They are reliable, durable, meet the necessary parameters. Antennas are long and do not rust, assuming no scratches. Most optimal dimensions of the antenna reception ratio, price, windage – 0.95 m, which is enough in the market. Good anti-corrosion properties and have Danish antenna “TRIAX”, but they are not suitable for the installation of three or four converters.

For attaching additional converters debugged factory production-holders converters multifeed. This simple, inexpensive, reliable and convenient mounting, suitable for installation on a satellite dish and Ukrainian “Kharkiv” and Polish “MABO”. With these mounts the antenna Kharkiv 0.95 we had even set three heavy eight output converter with 24 cables to ensure distribution of the received antenna signals from three satellites to 8 TVs, for an independent view.

Satellite dishes are available each

Between installing a satellite dish and the region are closely interrelated. Each town has its own characteristics of satellite communications. In any company, engaged in the installation of satellite dishes, you will be given full information and competent service to your choice was correct. We advise you to contact our firm, we work for you!

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