Спутниковые антенна

lite systems are very popular. On the territory of Ukraine can receive television programs broadcast from any of the dozens of satellites. At the same time, depending on the selected satellite (satellite), created and receiving satellite TV system, including the satellite antenna (s) with a certain type and size of the mirror, the converter (converters), additional bracing, satellite receiver (tuner), etc. elements.

Below is a comparative characteristics of various satellite TV systems.

How to find a full list of channels of any satellite channels?

How to find the broadcast frequency and any other characteristics of any satellite channel? Easy online www.lyngsat.com.

Where can I get the latest information on new TV channels or modifying broadcast channels?

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Satellite TV systems can be distinguished by purpose, namely, the lists of television stations. In Ukraine, the most popular satellite TV system is “triple system” – HotBird – Astra – Amos, which detects signals from one satellite dish with a diameter of 0.95 m from three satellites. 600 freely receivable channels with no monthly fee, for us the greatest interest channels in Ukrainian and Russian, for your convenience, we call a system HotBird – Astra – Amos TV package “Standard at” The satellite television Hot Bird – Sirius – Amos – ABS 1 – Package “Advanced”, Hot Bird – Sirius – Amos – Yamal package “Yamal” and so on …

We are pleased to notify you that TRK Ukraine after Euro 2012 opened again and now all central Ukrainian TV channels included in the package standard.