Спутниковая антенна

Satellite TV – is a digital television, which broadcast not through terrestrial antenna and satellite located in geostationary orbit at a distance of 35785km. The principle of operation is not complicated: a large satellite dish radius of about 5 meters transmits a signal to a satellite in the centimeter range, which in turn serves as a transmitter. Each satellite has its own breadth and coverage map. Accordingly take a particular satellite signal can only be in the region concerned. On the location also depends on the size of the mirror (the antenna) required to receive satellite signal. The mirror reflects light, head – converts, and digital satellite receiver receives and converts the digital video image and clear stereo sound. On different channels of different frequencies and flow rates. These settings affect the percentage of compression (expansion). There are, for instance, channel a flow rate of SR 1000, which corresponds to 2 megabits per second. Therefore, compression is strong enough and the picture accordingly makes poor. And in this case, the mean flow velocity of 55 m / bps., Which is more than enough to get excellent image quality.