Satellite television is not standing still, it is constantly evolving, and lately very often launch new channels. Clients often ask, will not be lost if the old channels, not encode them? We hope that this article will help you to fully understand this. Satellite TV channels may move to new transponders, to another satellite, they can encode and vice versa open coded channels. All the news satellite TV you can find on the site And for your body more comfortable leisure, we decided to write an article about self-searching channels for example receiver SatIntegral 7200 PVR, the principle of the search on other satellite receivers identical. Hopefully it will help you.

You have decided, for whatever reason, whether it is the absence of a broadcast channel, or just experiment. Then:

1. Take up the remote satellite receiver, press the menu button, and then installing.


2. Appears search box channels, choose the satellite you want to scan and press the blue button on the remote, which in this case corresponds to the option “Start search”. This search option is called, it is a single search across all channels of the selected satellite transponders. All new TV with this version the search will be added to the existing list of TV channels.


This search method is relevant if a new channel appeared on the existing transponder, otherwise the search will not yield results.


3 Multipoisk. If you want to simultaneously scan all existing satellites you have, you choose them “OK” button, so that there was a check mark next to them and press the blue button.


4 Search for the transponder. If the new channel has started on a new transponder, you need to add it to the list of a particular satellite. To do this, you move the cursor on the transponder and click “OK”. A window will appear - Installation of TP. Left - the list of transponders on the right properties (frequency, polarization, flow rate).


To add a new transponder press the green button, after adding checkmarks highlight the transponder that you want to scan and press the blue button to start the search.


As you can see everything is quite simple.