Repair terrestrial antennasThe company “Satellite and terrestrial TV” will repair both satellite and terrestrial antennas in Kiev and the region.

If you own a terrestrial antenna, or even a complex system consisting of multiple antennas (different frequency ranges and possibly different directions), your antenna received signal is distributed to several TVs, and for some reason your etheric antenna provides a weak signal. Scale the received signal can be viewed on the TV screen if you own a digital radio receiver T2, or if your TV is present CAM module, and the TV has a function to display the scale of the received signal level.

If you watch analog TV, which according to preliminary estimates will be maintained until 2015, and began to show your TV is not clear. On the TV screen are visibly interference, crosstalk channels at each other, or their absence. Do you want to fix it, but do not know how? We have extensive experience in repairing terrestrial antennas, and we will be happy to help you with the repair of your antenna.

What’s in the range of services on repair satellite dish:

1. Purchase of the necessary components of the antenna (antenna, amplifiers, switches, power supplies).

2. Depart For onsite repair antenna

3. Diagnosis and identification of problems related to incorrect operation of the equipment.

4. Troubleshooting, if necessary, partial replacement antenna components (amplifier, power supply, active splitters).

5. Setting terrestrial antenna, the maximum level of the received signal with a repeater.

6. Notification customer faults found and the results of their corrections.

The actual cost of repairs terrestrial antenna you can see in the section – prices.

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