Setting up satellite dishesн Setting up satellite dishes is one of the services of the company Satellite and terrestrial TV”, provides the setting as essential, and satellite dishes in Kiev and the region. Also, if you need a repair of satellite dishes, we are at your disposal. If you have purchased on the radios market  or in a specialty store a set of satellite equipment and you need to install it, then you’ve come to the right place.

Also, maybe you already own a satellite dish, but for some reason it ceased to show as before and you want to fix this problem, then you have found what you were looking for. Setting up a satellite dish on average takes about 1 hour. We have a lot of experience under his belt adjustment of satellite dishes, and we will be happy to help you.


What’s in the range of services on the satellite dish setup:

  1. Search the information you need, or even the latest version of the software to your satellite receiver.
  2. Departure of the master on the job
  3. Diagnosis and identification of problems related to incorrect operation of the equipment.
  4. Troubleshooting, if necessary, partial replacement antenna components (converter, switch fixation).
  5. Setting transponders on the maximum level of the received signal from the satellite.
  6. Notification customer faults found and the results of their corrections.

If you need to set up a satellite dish, we are happy to come to your aid. Actual cost of setting satellite dish you can see in the section – prices.

For communication with the master configuration of the satellite antenna, go to – contacts.