Setup TV channelsSetup TV channels - this is one of our company’s services. Satellite television is not standing still, it is constantly evolving, it is associated with the emergence of new channels, the transition to other channels or transponders broadcasting standards. Just satellite TV channels can be encoded in order to obtain money for their viewing, and can open in order to get money for viewing ads on TV. Most often it depends on company’s security policy. We are professionally engaged in setting up the satellite TV in Kiev. What plus manual adjustment channels compared with the firmware of the receiver? The fact that the working channels remain in their previous positions, we add new channels to the position from which crossed or coded channels, as well as in the end of the list or at any position on the request.

What you get as a result of settings (search decoding) satellite TV channels? You will see all the channels that are on your companions! Our company has gone further, we provide all its customers the possibility of free TV channels settings yourself. Accordingly, in the future you will not have to spend any money on setting channels.

What’s in the range of services on repair satellite dish:

  1. Scanning satellites needed to create relevant, available at the time, frequency tables satellite television channels.
  2. Depart For onsite adjustment of satellite TV channels
  3. Setting the highest possible number of channels
  4. Encoding Decoding channels BISS
  5. Sorting satellite TV channels by genre or create favorite groups

Actual value adjustment of satellite TV channels you can see in the section – prices.

For communication with the master tuning satellite TV channels go to – contacts.