Wireless InternetWireless Internet – is one of the services provided by our company.

If you live outside the city or in the suburbs, in a private home, where to spend the wired Internet is impossible, but you need the internet, we are happy to come to your aid. We need you to install an antenna (3G or satellite) and you’re online!

You must understand that for most people is more appropriate than 3G internet with satellite internet. It surpasses the satellite sufficiently loyal rates and the possibility of organizing Wi-Fi network to multiple access points. This means that your home will be able to connect multiple devices, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Satellite Internet is a good solution for the area where there is no 3G coverage of the Internet. Speed ​​satellite Internet tolerant, on average up to 10 megabits per second. But he discourages customers high prices for data transmission via satellite, in connection with which customers often choose a one-way satellite internet, which takes traffic from the satellite and ground transfers through the communication channel.

Internet in the country – that’s what so pick up in the country or in a country house.

What is included in the wireless internet service?

  1. Departure of the master object
  2. Installation 3G antenna or satellite dish
  3. Setting this antenna for maximum signal strength
  4. Cabling from the antenna to the modem
  5. Setting up an internet connection on the client computer
  6. Setting up a home network via Wi-Fi or network cable
  7. Payment Internet for the current month
  8. Consultation on further use of the Internet and payment

The cost of connecting to the Internet at one point in the line of Kiev average is 1200 UAH. home; network using Wi-Fi – 1700 UAH.

Wireless Internet – is a service that allows you to configure the Internet in the country or in a private house, where there is no wired Internet networks. Wireless internet on 3G – 3G connection is the result of the Internet. Leading operators in this area on the territory of Ukraine are Intertelekom and PeopleNet. Both companies have their advantages. Intertelekom allows network RevB, which means that customers will be able to use 4G. And PeoleNet thought control traffic after use to limit night extra money can not be removed, only reduced traffic speed. If you need a high speed Internet and traffic – order wireless internet 3G or 4G from Intertelekom. If you have more important savings – order wireless internet 3G PeopleNet.

We set up wireless internet in Kyiv and Kyiv region. If you are interested in 3G connectivity of the Internet, you can go to the contacts of our website and book wireless internet.