noDear subscribers, cable and terrestrial TV networks! Russian TV channels have been disconnected from broadcasting on the territory of Ukraine for the government’s decision. When the broadcast will be restored to this day is not known. The only solution for viewing of Russian TV channels now is your satellite dish, the cost of which, unfortunately, is growing due to the depreciation of the hryvnia. But there are great deals for the integrated use of a single antenna a few neighbors.

TVSite company will help you install and configure a satellite antenna of any complexity, and again you can get an unforgettable pleasure of watching your favorite TV show.

yesWe have an individual approach to each client, and consider buying it features always help make the right choice, the package of TV channels. No matter the situation in our country, you will always have a lot of Russian TV channels in excellent quality, as many TV channels by satellite broadcast in HD. For communication with the master razdelkontakty visit.

We guarantee and faithful and truthful information about the installation and use of satellite dishes. Entrust to professionals!

We sincerely believe in a bright future of our country. Have a nice trip and all the best!